• PAN ID 22222, channel 26
  • BMU automatically joins charger network upon BMU init, no need to press Join on charger (BMU can be used in multiple networks in parallel)
  • 100 mA 1500 A
  • Acid level, temperature and voltage balance sensor included


  • New State Of Health calculation, battery actual capacity in statistics
  • Improved State Of Charge with compensation for self discharge
  • Added alarm for low state of charge (threshold configurable)


  • Equivalent battery units, % of capacity discharged per 24 h
  • Average discharge and charge current in history log
  • 24 h log, data from the last 24 hours stored as history
  • Increased instant log memory size
  • Interface for Android, NFC compatible, tablets/smartphones
  • Tap the NFC symbol on the BMU with your device to read out statistics, configure or set time
  • Range: 2 – 4 cm
  • Available in EN, SE, DE, ES, PT language (automatically set according to device settings)
  • Can we determine the remaining service life of the battery?
  • Actual capacity is an indicator of battery health.
    • Calculating the actual capacity by state of charge and charged energy.
    • Continuous capacity test.
    • Gives a good indication of the remaining lifetime
    • Can be compared to actual usage (low electrolyte level, temperatures, deep discharges) to determine the service life affect of different usage
  • SOC algorithm with SOH determination in BMU (gen II)
  1. + connection
  2. + connection
  3. Acid level and temp sense
  4. BMU
  5. :
  6. :
  7. – connection
  8. – connection/voltage balance sense
  9. Shunt and cables for lead bar sensing

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