Battery Management Systems

Orizen Group specialises in supplying a wide range of equipment and services for electric forklifts and other MHE for applications across a wide array of industries and sectors in our country. Our broad base of solutions ensures heightened reliability, efficiency, and economy for our clients and come from a range of leading manufacturers around the world.

We work with a network of some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the best available solutions for their needs. Characterised by reliability, affordability, and quality, our offers ensure that all your facility’s MHE needs are met with minimal complication and downtime.


We offer a range of specialised solutions for forklift battery management systems in South Africa that have been designed to optimise all areas of your MHE processes where electric forklifts are concerned.

We offer battery management systems from Micropower that offer highly efficient, programmable high-frequency chargers, battery monitoring units (BMUs), and USB service tools. These units communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing for personalised programming and use of the service tool.

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